VA - GOA 2002-2009 - MP3 (tracks), 192-320 kbps

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VA - GOA 2002-2009
Жанр: Psychedelic / Progressive
Год выпуска диска: 2002-2009
Производитель диска: Germany / YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: VBR 192-320 kbps
Трэклист: CD-1
1.D-Nox Sly Flynn Muy Caliente
2.Magnetrixx Knopfzelle
3.Beat Bizarre Monochrome
4.Purple Ronan Future Blue
5.Ryan Halifax Bless You People
6.Atmos The Only Process (Haldolium Remix)
7.Meller Mellermilch
8.Oryx Naptune
9.Reefer Decree Lagrimosa
1.Fex Bitchuminous
2.DJ Nukem Instinct
3.Bamboo Forest Synthesis
4.Kino Oko Koz Aim Bad
5.Matenda You Can Run But You Can't Hide
6.DJ Exanimo Dr. Groove
7.D-Nox Sly Flynn* So Sorry
8.Martin Kay Jaggy Nail
9.Buzzmonx Insane
CBR 192 Kbps CD-1
01.Ryan Halifax Progress
02.Minilogue Deep Motions (Original Mix)
03.Export Audio Girl FX
04.Sly Flynn D-Nox Studioline
05.Ma-g-ma Raum Und Zeit
06.Soulflyer Real Social
07.Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom Afterbite
08.Trancefeld Mind Bending
01.Flowjob Super Dupa Supernova
02.Morphem Ambrosia (P.O.T.S. Remix)
03.Human Blue Multipus
04.Oryx Once Upon Time (Remix)
05.Lube E.Q.
07.Qlap Techila
08.Saiko-Pod Two Dots
CBR 192 Kbps CD1
01 Son Kite - Massive
02 Tegma - Tribe of Akabar
03 Paste - Code bed
04 Ticon - Waiting for the knights
05 Vaishiyas - Electrosaat
06 Sly Flynn D-nox - Water resistance
07 Synthetic - Beat machine
08 Ryan Halifax - Drum channel
01 Buzz - Breath it
02 Magnetrixx - Zuchtversuch
03 Astrix Atomic Pulse - Crystal sequence
04 Rinkadink - Ultima (Flaming Hoons Remix)
05 Wizzy Noise - Prototype
06 Altom - Argos
07 Tranan - Preacher boy
08 Bamboo Forest - Cartune
CBR 192 Kbps CD1
01.Vibrasphere - Purple floating (Cosma remix)
02.POTS - Solar solarium (unreleased)
03.Ticon - Snooze D Booze
04.Ryan Halifax - The ultimate
05.Fatali - Ultrasmooth
06.Protoculture - New directions
07.Echotek - Set Z1 (unreleased)
08.Side effect - Meditate
01.Ryan Halifax - Movin and Groovin
02.Vision and Canedy - We love sunday
03.Vibrasphere - Stereo gun (unreleased)
04.Axis - Ocean of joy (Exclusive)
05.Flowjob - Fluff me tender
06.Oryx - This goes back
07.Filur - Underrated
08.Absolute and Blade - Outpost
CBR 224 Kbps CD-1
1.Antix Hit The Frog
2.Reefer Decree Curved Air (Filur Remix)
3.Vibrasphere Elephant
4.Stereotype (3) Searching
5.Ticon See Us At The Zoo
6.Atomic Pulse Special Offer
7.Bamboo Forest Vision
8.Faktor D* Ventil
1.DJ Sangeet Psy-Fi-Stereo
2.Antix On The Rock
3.Atomic Pulse Feat. Perplex Stillera
4.Vibrasphere Funk The Trunk
5.Zen Lemonade Pussy Galore
6.Star X* Soap
7.Phony Orphants Horny Enphants
8.Protoculture High Orbit
CBR 192 Kbps CD1
01.Haldolium Ain't No Change
02.Ticon The Clown Smells Like Gasoline
03.Martin H Liftin'
04.Neelix Shower
05.Phony Orphants Scratchi
06.Spectrum Sub Zero
07.Sirius Isness Beaches Of Paradise
08.Space Monkey Digital Illusions
01.Oxyd Twisted Kingdom
02.Jaia vs. Wizzy Noise Crystal Noise
03.Neelix Serafin
04.Altom Balkanized
05.Protoculture More Directions
06.Bamboo Forest Breath
07.Triptych The Path
08.Space Buddha Silent Galaxie
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1:
01.Setherian Misanthrope
02.Horizon Open Your Eyes
03.Ecliptic Noumena
04.BLT Clear Vision (PsyCraft Remix)
05.Green Oms Jack In The Box (Horizon Eskimo Remix)
06.Perplex Magical People
07.Lemurians Systematic
08.Visual Paradox Wicked Way
01.Mikrokosmos Two Places (Absolut Greed Remix)
02.Son Kite On Air (New Disco Science Alliance Remix)
03.Ryan Halifax Fuck Me Rich
04.Sascha Andres Get Ready
05.FREq (2) I've Been Sent
06.Human Blue Atom
07.Ticon There Is No Plan
08.Zen Mechanics Have A Good One
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1:
01.Saiko-Pod Phutures (Atmos Remix)
02.Ryan Halifax Loop Slave
03.Buzzmonx Shift
04.Beat Bizarre Urban Disturbance
05.FREq (2) Spacechanger
06.Kooler Freefall
07.Chris Pointdexter Darkness
08.Matenda Force Majeure
01.Jirah Essence
02.Genetic Spin Lord Of The Strings
03.Magnetrixx Somnam
04.FREq (2) vs. Spherical (2) Bit Shifter
05.Altom Groove Control
06.Etnoscope Screamer Silence
07.Talamasca A Frenchman In Cape Town
08.Wizzy Noise Maniac Distortion
128-320 VBR Kbps CD:1
1.Symphonix vs. Xibalba Stonefield
2.Neelix The One
3.Native Radio Walldorf And Stettler
4.Nasa (4) Legolam
5.4 Winds Circle Squeeze The Day
6.FREq (2) Time Stretch
7.Dino Psaras Neverland
8.Cosmic Tone Deep In Your Soul
9.Intersys vs. Rhythmic Acid Blissful Guidance
1.Chromosome Chill Thrill Troopers
2.Silicon Sound Ignition
3.Wrecked Machines Smartshop
4.Rumble Pack Last Process
5.Apocalypse (2) Play Boy
6.Planet B.E.N. Your Own Reality
7.Four Carry Nuts Pendulum (Beat Brothers Remix)
8.Astrix Underbeat
9.DJ Bim vs. Silent Sphere Illumina
128-320 VBR Kbps CD-1
1.Ace Ventura Cardiac Arrest
2.Zen Mechanics Ground Control
3.Visua Energy
4.Gaudium Crush My Bit
5.Altom All Of That
6.Blanka Once In A Life (Mind Complex Remix)
7.Mantik Between Clouds And Stars
8.Noga Moksha Mama
9.Solar System (3) Love Freedom
1.Four Carry Nuts Pendulum (Mad Contrabender Remix)
2.Oforia Northern Light
3.Setherian Ode To Andromeda
4.Silver Surfer (2) Chemical Structure
5.Elec3 Innervoice
6.U-Recken Tatiana
7.Orion (3) Speaker Speaker
8.PsyCraft vs. Guy Salama Alegria
9.Xerox Illumination Fly
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
01.Silent Sphere - Deeply Healed
02.Disham - Droptom
03.Threshold Production - Red Square
04.Haldolium - The Last Dance
05.Symphonix Feat. Magical - Turn
06.Neelix - Test
07.Auricular - Magic Mushroom
08.Casui vs. Treibstoff - Audiograbber
09.Artax - Greetings of Psychaosis(Andromeda Rmx)
01.Genetic Noise Feat. DJ Bim - Go Up
02.Violet Vision - Cellophane(Sub6 Domestic Remix)
03.Silent Sphere - Final Experience
04.Astrix Delirious - Tel Aviv
05.Delirious - Dynamic Force Remix
06.Altцm - Not For Children(Space Cat Remix)
07.X-Noise - Drum Chase
08.Mad Contrabender - Vagebound des Limbes
09.Cosmic Tone - Like a Dream
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
1.Mungusid Escape
2.Hum (3) Fields Of Sunflower
3.Shaman Bomullstuss
4.Decoy (6) Fatty Finn
6.DJ Exanimo Gravity
7.Expect Klanggymnastic
8.Mad Contrabender vs. DJ Gutemine The Gods Must Be Lazy
9.Aerolink Cloudwalk
1.Neelix Inquisition Symphony
2.Sesto Sento Sentomental (BLT Remix)
3.Visua Vishuddha
4.Cosmic Tone Open Your Eyes
5.Psytrain vs. Mad Contrabender Orient Express
6.Bizzare Contact vs. Dooper Doopler System Overload
7.Interactive (3) Return To The Source
8.Freakulizer Identity
9.Silent Sphere Seperated Minds
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
1.EN Voice Dreamland
2.Krama As They Come
3.Insane Creation Sweet Random
4.Gaudium Fading Faith
5.Noktamid Tuned Reference
6.Lightsphere Lucidity Dreams
7.M-Sphere Sterling Bass
8.Sensifeel No Stress (Symphonix Remix)
9.Andromeda The Dreamer
1.Tulk Psy Love
2.Ibojima Imagical Sun
3.DJ Exanimo New Prophet
4.Electro Sun High Cue
5.Crystal Sound Record It
6.Psypsiq Jicuri A Rain Of Hope In The Galaxy
7.Psytrain vs. Mad Contrabender Psychic Content
8.S.U.N. Project What Comes Next
9.Mad Contrabender vs. Zion Redrive
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
01.M-Sphere - An Old Dream
02.Decoy - Milkiness of Infancy
03.Zen Mechanics - Environmental Porn
04.Lightsphere - Holon
05.Neelix - Think of Me
06.Aerospace - Jellys
07.Yotopia vs Aerospace - Corrupted rmx
08.Neelix - The Next
09.Cosmic Tone - Physical Reaction
01.Zen Mechanics - New Propulsion Technology
02.Crysrtal Sound - Impact Side
03.Headroom - Sweet Like a Lemon
04.Casui - Waste Lands
05.Intersys vs Psynina - Galaxy
06.Ultravoice vs Cosmic Tone - Free Style
07.Orion - Welcome to Reality rmx
08.Mad Contrabender - Reedemer (Live version)
09.Silent Sphere - Breath
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
1.Crystal Sound Groovy Dance
2.Meller Aurora (Vibrasphere Remix)
3.Vibrasphere Sweet September
4.Justice Unlimited Trust In Dust
5.BLT DJ Nadi Space Boogie
6.Natural Flow Chromosome Personal Visit
7.Etic On Process
8.Sensifeel Olympics
9.Ibojima Berzerk
1.Cosmic Tone End Of Time
2.Fatali Ocean View
3.EMC? Borderline
4.Mad Contrabender Open Your Mind
5.Protoculture Sweet Fine Crystalline
6.Galactika Beyond Reality
7.Bio-Tonic Aligatonie
8.Commercial Hippies, The Organic Machines
9.Aerospace Wanna Run
128-320 VBR Kbps CD-1
01.Aerospace - Raggadum Style
02.Dj Martin - Lauschgift
03.Yotopia - Blue Moon
04.Der Eins Punkt - Pantastic
05.Behind Blue Eyes Vs. Perfect Stranger - Diamond In
06.Lish - On The Edge (Live Edit)
07.Deedrah - Take It Or Leave It
08.Galactika Vs. Alexander Ligowski - Escape From Heaven
09.Cosmic Tone - I Volume
01.Optokoppler - Back Space
02.Spectrum - Pizdata
03.Four Carry Nuts - Pendulum (Bit Pulse Rmx)
04.Gataka Vs. Ziki - Tokyo Time
05.Crystal Sound - Cillium
06.Illumination Vs. Ziki - Who We Are
07.Crsytal Sound - Open Air
08.Phanatic - Guarana
09.Electric Universe - The Bomb
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
01.M-Sphere - Liquid Garden
02.Perfect Stranger Feat. Emog - Truth
03.Manuel Duego - Inside The Box
04.Liquid Soul - Cappucino
05.Dualsnug - John Lego
06.Visua - Symmetry
07.Freakulizer - Centre Of Mind
08.Vazik - Illusions Of Motion
09.Magoon - Only In Your Head
01.Crystal Sound - Explosive Tone
02.Optokoppler - Raise (Exclusive Track)
03.Polaris Feat. Tikal - Dynamic Swell
04.2HI - Bad Boy
05.Sesto Sento Vs. Apocalypse - Trance In Motion
06.Elec3 - Acidtest
07.F.F.T. - Evolution
08.Electric Universe - Future Excursion
09.Crystal Sound - Electric Field
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
01.Sundial - Sunfruits Avenue
02.El Zisco - Minimus Intrus
03.Pythagoraz - Once Upon A Time
04.Fitalic - Distructible
05.V-Tunes - Kick It
06.Neelix - Under Pressure
07.Suncontrolspecies - Logical Level
08.Visua - Symmetry
09.Prahlad - Shantified
01.Casui - Channel X
02.Dj Exanimo - Splitstream
03.Stalker - The Eradicator
04.Crystal Sound - Natural Healing
05.Ultravoice Vs. Lior - Whiplash
06.Silent Sphere - Dreamcatcher
07.Cyberion - Reactivating Contact
08.Cosmic Tone - Title War
09.Fft - Baraka
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
01.en voice - hold the universe
02.d fusion - space test
03.vaishiyas - recall
04.symphonix - music prostitute
05.sense - release
06.quantize - visuals
07.quantize - b wicked
08.mummrah - amon ra
09.magoon - swamp land
01.basic - moon is a god
02.sangeet - potentially dangered
03.headroom - artelligent
04.mad contrabender - illegal hardwars (live)
05.crystal sound - wreck a tengle
06.stalker - eradicator
07.rocky vs galactika - global air (edit)
08.intersys - therapy
09.quantum vs kaviguitars - teti beti
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
01.en voice - hold the universe
02.d fusion - space test
03.vaishiyas - recall
04.symphonix - music prostitute
05.sense - release
06.quantize - visuals
07.quantize - b wicked
08.mummrah - amon ra
09.magoon - swamp land
01.basic - moon is a god
02.sangeet - potentially dangered
03.headroom - artelligent
04.mad contrabender - illegal hardwars (live)
05.crystal sound - wreck a tengle
06.stalker - eradicator
07.rocky vs galactika - global air (edit)
08.intersys - therapy
09.quantum vs kaviguitars - teti beti
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
1.1.M-Sphere Blue Note
1.2.Prahlad Raver For Life
1.3.Lish Dirty Feelings
1.4.Dualism vs. Meeloo Rest In Panic
1.5.Gaudium Sit Back, Relax
1.6.Bitmonx vs. Fabio Ghost (Remix)
1.7.Ovnimoon Sandal Water
1.8.Fatali Ocean View (Liquid Soul Remix)
1.9.Defolder Each Mission
2.1.Fatali Homeless (Protoculture Remix)
2.2.U-Recken The Island
2.3.Delirious Fast Forward
2.4.DNA Massive Trance
2.5.Perplex vs. Michele Adamson Meltdown (Indra Remix)
2.6.Freaked Frequency Say
2.7.Psytrain Mystic Ingredients
2.8.Miraculix & Trinodia Supernatural
2.9.Miditec Galaxy Wave
128-320 VBR Kbps CD1
101. Expect - South Rockers
102. Klangstrahler Projekt - Once Upon A Time In Germany
103. Vibrasphere - Orange
104. Gaudium - Hyperspace
105. Symphonix - Rythm In Motion (Liquid Soul Rmx)
106. Perfect Stranger and Morax - Mountain High
107. Ace Ventura - The Light
108. Aerospace - The Future (Quantized Rmx)
109. Nea - Summer De Light
201. U Recken - Whale Song
202. Dualcore - Dirty Mind
203. Headroom - Get Cape Down
204. Gataka - Dreaming Mode
205. Hyperception - Shaking
206. Quantum vs. Insomania - Underneath Dive
207. Ziki vs. XI - Mental Model
208. Delirious - Not For Kids
209. Twina - Q Project
128-320 VBR Kbps Cd 1
01. M-Sphere - Waiting all the time
02. Ticon - 1987
03. Phaxe - The world is changed
04. Suntree Ritmo - Good old shibuya
05. Mummerah - Cybersun
06. Ix Lam At - Mystical experience
07. Jaja - Exosphere 2007 remix
08. Expect - Sex and champagne
09. Galactika vs. Alexander Ligowski - Human beings
Cd 2
01. Prosper - Thinking about you
02. Human Blue - Party de luxe
03. Atma - We will rise again
04. Tulk - Remote
05. Hyperion - Thats what its all about
06. Ptx - Terra soul
07. Oforia - Arcadia Remix
08. Techtonic - Gin And Tonic
09. Ultravoice Vs Indra - Future Call
128-320 VBR Kbps Cd1
01. M Sphere - Blue Summer [08:19]
02. Solano - Roxy Vibes [08:44]
03. Odiseo - 10 Years After [06:34]
04. Midimal - Deep Devil (Zyce Remix) [08:06]
05. Ritmo Suntree - Wake Up [08:05]
06. Suntree - Stereo In Heaven [06:47]
07. ARW - Time Is Not Free [08:12]
08. Ace Ventura - Spark [09:43]
09. Protonica - Upstream (Progenitor Remix) [08:52]
01. Atma - The Rise Of Overman (Ramana Remix) [07:34]
02. Protonica - Upstream (Synaptic Remix) [07:15]
03. Dino Psaras - Firewall [06:54]
04. Nitro - Deep Breath [07:54]
05. Krunch - Pura Vida [07:36]
06. Tulk - Kumayana [08:27]
07. Psycraft - Computech (X-Noize Remix) [07:39]
08. Zikimoto - Day Dream [06:30]
09. Electro Sun Vs. Stereomatic - Bubble Crash [06:53]
128-320 VBR Kbps Cd1:
01. Symphonix - Resting Voltage - 09:17
02. Nasser - Timeless - 08:18
03. Phaxe - Swing King - 08:39
04. Zyce And Fox - Mission Hard Vs. Soft - 06:13
05. Motion Drive - Disco Slave - 08:47
06. Protonica - Final Step - 07:59
07. Expect - Miracle - 10:04
08. Suntree And Antigravity - Ocean Denail - 07:12
09. S.U.N Project - Never Look Behind (Neelix Rmx) - 08:13
01. Black And White - 20 For 7 Rmx [07:47
02. Krunch - Syncopat - 07:49
03. Slider And Dual Core - Extreme Condition - 06:51
04. Chakra And Eddie Mis - X-Files Chakra Vs. Xi Rmx - 08:43
05. Tulk - Wonderland - 06:55
06. Polaris - Tribal Quest - 07:59
07. Silicon Sound - Hyperion - 09:57
08. Atma - Spiritual Love - 07:02
09. M-Sphere - Funky People Transport - 07:47
128-320 VBR Kbps Cd1:
01. Invisable Reality — Creature in My Mind
02. Aqualize — Land of 2 Suns
03. Liquid Soul — Escape Midimal remix
04. Rocky — Papercut Ace Ventura remix
05. Ritree — The Cycle
06. Egorythma — Not Following Gravitation
07. Kularis — 12 Volt. DC
08. Jaja — Epsilon Zyce remix
09. Time in Motion — Back Together Klopfgeister remix
01. Krome Angels — Madison Square Garden
02. Chakra — Conceived of the Rhythem
03. Sangeet — Escobar remix
04. Burn in Noise — Pero Que Si Pero Que No
05. Tulk — Remote Expect remix
06. Sundose — In the Music
07. DNA and Wizzy Noise — Restart
08. Xerox and Illumination — Sun Burn Hipnotix remix
09. Dino Psaras — Perfume
128-320 VBR Kbps


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